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AUDACES 360 Y1-1
Audaces 360 annual access - 1st year - 1 station

Značka: Audaces

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The Audaces 360 system is a solution that maximizes the effects of work, providing new design and production possibilities. The option of adding a license for a workstation means that the system is not permanently linked to a single workstation, which provides flexibility and the ability to adapt work to owned hardware infrastructure. When one works in a single system, one has both insight into individual stages of a project or of production and cost control.
This is software supporting your production, all in one place!

Audaces 360 consists of:
Audaces Idea
- creation of stylized sketches using mannequins, an unlimited color palette and many other tools required for designing
- possibility of importing project photos and material structures
- library of ready models and clothing elements
- simulation of production costs during creation of a project
- automatic technical sheet - besides creating stylized and technical drawings,
- 4D technology allowing for designing directly on a three-dimensional mannequin,
- thanks to the "Gravity" tool, we can check how the fabric will behave in reality,
- with Audaces Idea, the time of preparing a new collection is reduced by 75%
Audaces Digiflash
- software for digitizing templates
- it is enough to lay templates on a board and take a photo using a camera or cellphone,
- there is no need to identify the template's outline using a traditional digitizer, everything is done with one click, the system identifies outlines and makes it possible to create templates
- you save work time - you can digitize 6 templates in 45 seconds, not 1 template in 7 minutes as in the traditional method
- the system is mobile
Audaces Pattern
- software for designing/ modeling /grading
- automatic functions for modeling of elements using the option of adding stitches, notches, creating tucks,
- transfer and closing of tucks for checking of the product before sewing
- addition of pleats, overlaps accounting for maintenance of the proper direction of the straight thread
- innovative functions for converting forms into templates and templates into forms
- innovative grading of many sizes based on any two, available sizes
- editing of a model is possible at every stage of designing
- new models can be created based on existing models by modifying selected elements
Audaces Marker
- software for automatic, optimized cut configurations
- creates efficient configurations for any width of the material and automatically calculates fabric consumption
- works with an open configuration, with sleeve, chequer, strips and other patterns, arranges complex templates along the material's composition, modifies the number of elements accordingly to sizes,
- prevents errors during cutting: before printing, the system informs of overlapping or missing templates
- has a wizard for simulating consumption of materials for a defined configuration, which makes it possible to purchase the minimum, required amount of raw material for the purposes of a given order - potential savings on material up to 8%
- the program is compatible with most cutters
Audaces Supera
- software creating even more efficient cut configurations
- cut configurations server, which additionally improves the performance of Audaces Marker
- possibility of creating cut configurations with even better use of materials, quickly and precisely
- reduces the amount of waste by an additional 4% on average

See below what you also need to create a complete set of the production preparation computer system.