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Software CAD Audaces - SET: DigiFlash, Apparel (Pattern Design, Marker Making), Marker Expert + 5 days of training

Značka: Audaces

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Software CAD Audaces set consists of:

Audaces DigiFlash vol. 5 - set with board
The fastest way of digitizing patterns. Exclusive technology, worldwide patented. The software digitizes patterns using digital photographs, making a camera support, digitizing table or any other equipment unnecessary. br />
Compatible with digital photographic cameras available on the market (minimum configuration 7 megapixels).
No tripod for the camera is needed.
The principal advantage is the precision and timesavings, since it is possible to digitize a set of patterns all at once, increasing the productivity of your company.
Possible problems such as distance, framing, perspective or photo distortion can be corrected by the system. Software generates a digital reproduction by automatically detecting the contours and control points.
Another important distinction is the space savings, since it only involves a frame that is attached to a wall. Because it is flexible, it can be rolled and stored in a tube, facilitating transport.
The useful area of the board is 130 x 72 cm.
Magnetically attaches the patterns to the frame. Set of magnets attached.

AUDACES Apparel - consists of 2 apps: Pattern Design / Marker Making
Software making the apparel production process more agile by managing the steps of pattern design, grading, marker making and plotting.

Audaces Pattern:
Create patterns on the computer screen quickly and easily.
Create base patterns within industry standards including: measuring tables, sewing areas adapted to the equipment and shrinkage studies.
Add seams; define thread direction; place notches; create darts, hems; fold or unfold patterns; cut, combine; change measures and insert French curves, among others.
Import and export patterns generated in other formats.
Do and undo any action countless times.
Incorporate changes made in the base-pattern to all the other graded sizes.
Create marks for notches with configurable size and form.
Find pattern files with intelligent tool: by model name, client, key word, etc.
Offers various methods for grading
Grades notches and internal lines.

Audaces Marker Making Standard:
Create markers on any width of fabric and in different grades.
Automatically calculate fabric consumption.
Work in flat, tubular, glossy, striped, checked or patterned fabric.
Adjust folded patterns over the fold of the tubular fabrics.
Modify the quantity of patterns to adjust, sizes, type of fabric and properties of the marker of the patterns at any time, keeping the marker already done.
Offers an option to define safe distance between patterns.
Allows defining restrictions to rotation, symmetries and folds for the patterns.
Automatically adjusts the pieces for fabrics with shrinking.
Allows undoing or redoing any action countless times.
Avoids cutting errors
Has intelligent tool to find the marker files: by name of model, client or key word.
Compatible with the principal automatic cutting machines on the market.
This tool calculates the cut order through information such as: table width, fabric type, maximum marker length, estimate yield, maximum number of layers and number of colours to the cut.
Allows precise plotting and guarantees high quality standards from creation to final product.

Audaces Marker Expert - marker optimalization
Audaces Marker Expert has a tool that allows the operator to manually adjust large pieces and then, automatically the small ones, in the remaining spaces. To facilitate the changes in markers, the system groups and ungroups any piece.
It is also possible to program a list of markers to be calculated at intervals when the computer is not busy.

Price includes 5 days of training (8 hours each day).
To create complete computer-aided design system you need:
- AUDACES Jet Lux 185cm/70m - 2-head, ink plotter