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Ozonator for sanitizing of rooms up to 160m3

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Battistella Atlantide 160 is a portable device for ozone sanitizing in rooms up to 160 m3. Effectively removes viruses, mites, bacteria and mold and fungus spores.

Air purification with ozone

The BATTISTELLA ATLANTIDE 80 ozone generator disinfects the air and kills the microorganisms present in it. It also eliminates unpleasant odors - no chemicals required. The device converts the oxygen in the air into ozone, which reacts with the microorganisms suspended in the air and kills them. The operating time of the device is regulated by a timer.

Universal ozone generator

BATTISTELLA ATLANTIDE 160 ozonator can be used for indoor air disinfection, elimination of allergens, removal of mold spores and removal of unpleasant odors. The BATTISTELLA ATLANTIDE 160 generator will be perfect for cleaning offices, warehouses or flats.

Basic parameters of the BATTISTELLA ATLANTIDE 160 ozonator :
Work programs - from 0 to 60 minutes

Maximum recommended room volume - 160 m3
Ozone productivity - 4,5g/h
Energy consumption - 45 W
Voltage - 220-240 V
Dimensions - 26cm x 25cm x 28cm
Weight - 3.8 kg

Vlastnosti produktu

Disinfecting agent : ozone
Maks. room volume : 160 m3
The amount of ozone produced: 4,5 g/h
Work in the presence of people : Ne
Working time counter : Ano
Device power : 45 W
Napájecí napětí: 220 - 240 V V