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Compact, one-head, four-needle embroidery machine with a big hook

Značka: Janome

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JANOME MB-4S is one head, four needle, compact embroidery machine with speed 800 stitches per minute. The machine is equipped with touch control panel, automatic change of the 4-threads, sensor informing of breaking upper thread with automatic return to the breaking point, independent system bobbin winder and automatic thread trimmer.

JANOME MB-4S has 10 built-in lettering fonts, 50 ready for choose patterns, 3 kind of hoops [240x200 mm, 126x110 mm, 50x50 mm], special thread stand for 9 big spools. Compatible with Tajima hoops. Industrial hoops handle (heavy-duty), hoop protection from needle hit. It has possibility to embroider slowly (for example using metallic threads). Edition of embroidery patterns allows to calibrate, rotation every degree, join, mirror reflection, copy, etc.

It merges features of efficient industrial machine with pleasure of comfortable work of which is typical for small size embroidery machines. Perfect for short series productions in embroidery services, shops, on the organize occasional events, for advertising agencies, designer studio, producers of working clothes. Machine has a new, much faster processor which speeds up the work of the machine.

Ideal for scrapbooking - technique that allows to decorate photos, postcards, calendars etc.

- It's very simple to use. Thanks to touch control panel (size 117,2 mm x 86,4 mm) all functions are at hand and gives a possibility to exact place embroidery on the hoop.

- It has a new, faster processor.

- The size of bottom bobbin has been enhanced (compared to the usual embroidery) up to 40% which allows you to do more embroidery on one bobbin.

- On the panel You may also display the instruction films (help function). Double lightning of embroidery field gives better control of embroidery.

- Compact sizes and light weight (just 20.5 kg) give the possibility to transport it easy and fast, thank to is perfect for all occasional events (fairs, sport competitions on location).

- You don't need to worry about skipping stitches, because build in sensor inform about breaking threads and automatic return to the breaking point.

- It is possible to work directly with the computer or without, than edition and processing of embroidery is creating on the panel.

Vlastnosti produktu

Množství jehel vyšívacího stroje: 4
Počet vzorů výšivek: 50
Počet vzrorů písma vyšívačky: 10
Maximální rychlost šití: 800 s.p.m.
System jehel: DBXK5