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SCHMETZ display 36,5x18 cm
Schmetz household needles display 36,5x18 cm

Značka: Schmetz

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Schmetz household needles display
Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be placed on a shelf, on a counter, a sales island or in another place with limited display space. The well-thought-out construction also gives the possibility of hanging it on the wall.
Small sizes do not mean a small amount of needles. The display will fit 8 magazines and 30 sets of needles in each magazine. Properly designed magazines will accelerate and facilitate the quick removal of needles.

The possibility of buying any type of needles from among 11 magazines, which can be later supplemented with appropriate refill cartridges .

dimensions: 36.5 x 18 cm
material: metal
assembly: standing or on the wall

It's worth knowing:
In order to easier identify of needles for household machines, producent applies the coloured marks on the shank cone:
UNIVERSAL (STANDARD) - without marks
STRETCH - yellow colour
JERSEY BALL POINT (WITH BALL) - for jersey and knitted fabrics - orange colour
JEANS/DENIM - blue colour
LEATHER - brown colour
MICROTEX (for microfase and silk) - violet colour
QUILTING (for quilt and patchworks) - green colour
EMBROIDERY (with bigger eye for embroidery) - red colour
METALLIC - pink colour

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