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Extended set ensuring proper use and maintenance of a bike

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The SPIRIT BIKE KIT ADVANCED Is a extended set ensuring proper use and maintenance of a bike.
BEST PRICE in Set!!!

Spirit 1 Universal, maintaining and repair agent.

If you use your bike in difficult terrain, in all weather conditions - also in winter and on salty roads - SPIRIT 1 guarantees professional protection.

- penetrates, derusts and protects corroded, hardly accessible mechanisms
- eliminates, squeaks and creaks
- dissolves rust, grease, repels dirt
- water-repellent and protects from freezing
- forms protective, non-sticky film
- perfect for securing equipment out of season

Spirit 25 is a dry lubricating PTFE spray.

It is a high-quality specialized chain and derailleur grease that guarantees long-term corrosion protection.

- leaves a dry protective and lubricating layer, which does not adhere to sand or dust
- pressure and friction resistant
- provides good lubrication and is effective in all weather conditions

Spirit 6 is a professional and versatile cleaner for removing stubborn dirt.

- dissolves grease, removes rust and improves the work of mechanisms
- removes dirt, traces of old oil, tar and asphalt residues
- ideal for cleaning: frames, moving parts, fenders, shock absorbers, derailleur, cables, lighting of plastic elements, etc.
- does not dry the surface, leaves a preserving layer
- neutral in contact with metals, plastics and glass
- safe for laminated and varnished surfaces

Spirit 69 is a professional cleaner spray based on fast evaporating solvents and polymers.

- recommended for brake disks and shoes cleaning – eliminates squeaks and reduces braking distance
- it degreases and cleans surfaces
- modern formula dissolves grease, oil, tar and coatings
- high pressure of the spray efficiently removes dirt
- neutral in contact with plastics and rubber