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Disinfection lamp, removes 99,9% bacteria, viruses and fungi

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UV-C STERILON 72W is lamp emitting ultraviolet light.
UV light is one of the most effective devices capable of bacteria, removing viruses and fungi from the surface or destroying the DNA or RNA of any exposed microorganisms.

To effectively kill microorganisms just direct the UV lamp directly onto the surface for a specified time to effectively kill microorganisms. They are so powerful that they may produce harmful effects on human skin or eyes. Therefore, basic safety precautions should be observed when using UVC lamps for disinfection, you should not stay within the range of the light beam.

Lamps with power 72W will disinfect a space of about 25m2. There are recommended for use in healthcare facilities, public and private means of transport, grocery stores, at petrol stations, public administration, in courier companies and educational establishments and at private homes and cars. Depending on the distance from the light source, temperature and humidity, we take 15 minutes as an approximate disinfection time.

- Type of light: UV-C ultraviolet
- Colour: white
- Disinfection efficiency: about 25m2
- Lifespan: 8000h
- Supply voltage: 220-240V
- Ingress protection IP20
- Power supply cable 5m
- Ergonomic movable handle
- Universal mounting strap in set
- Adapted for mounting on a universal tripod
- Dimensions [mm]: 270/480/100

It has PZH certificate

Vlastnosti produktu

Disinfecting agent : ultraviolet light UV-C
Disinfection method : direct
Max. disinfection area: 25 m2
Work in the presence of people : Ne
ECO mode : Ne
Exposure directions: one
Working time counter : Ne
Device power : 72 W
Napájecí napětí: 220 - 240 V V

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