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Pattern sewing machine with working area of 500x800 mm - complete sewing machine

Značka: Zoje

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Programmable pattern sewing machine for small elements.

From now on production process will be quicker and easier - don't waste your time, program your sewing on one element and you will see savings in no time.

Best in production of shoes, leather goods (wallets, bags), baby strollers, pillows, coveralls, jeans, and other clothing production from various fabrics - from sewing zippers to pockets of trousers. Template can be adjusted to any element, ZOJE ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET is a one-needle machine for automatic stitching of patterns on small elements. The effective working area of the pattern is 500x800 mm. Sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer and wiper.

The comprehensive pattern sewing machine

ZOJE ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET is a 1-needle pattern that allows you to program, edit and stitch repetitive patterns. ZOJE ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET template machine is perfect for the production of footwear, leather goods (wallets, bags), prams, pillows, overalls and jeans. This universal, automatic stitching machine allows you to program, among others, sewing in zippers or sewing in pockets of trousers.

Sewing programmable patterns

ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET allows you to design patterns in a traditional way - on the computer and directly through the touch control panel. The template machine can store up to 999 patterns in memory. Pattern Zoje also allows you to edit existing patterns. An easy-to-read control panel with a built-in USB port allows you to easily import projects from other devices (supports files in .dst, .dxf, .vdt format).

The automatic lockstitch machine is suitable for the production of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment) system elements - a modular personal equipment carrying system of the US Army.

Modern pattern Zoje

ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET is serially equipped with automatic thread trimmer, thread wiper and safety switch. Machine with built-in fast and precise stepper motors working in X and Y axes and Direct Drive system with SERVO motor integrated in the machine head. RFID scanner included - allows you to store pattern barcodes - making it easy to access saved patterns.

Zoje ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET stitching machine parameters:
table dimensions - 1200 x 1145 mm
sewing area - 800 x 500 mm
stitch length - from 0.1 - 12.7 mm
lifting the clamp (frame) - up to 16mm
maximum sewing speed - 3,200 stitches/min
necessary compressed air - 5 bar

Pattern Zoje ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 SET is a complete sewing machine on a solid and practical table with wheels.

The machine comes with PDS pattern making software.

For automatic multi-directional sewing machines use SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 in version MR or SERV 7, with properly selected points.

Vlastnosti produktu

Kit: set
Automatický odstřih nitě: ano
Touch screen: Ano
Max. délka stehu: 12.7 mm
Maximální rychlost šití: 3200 s.p.m.
Vestavěný motor: ano
System jehel: 135X5
Napájecí napětí: 220 - 240 V V