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Zoje automatic post-bed lockstitch machine for medium and heavy material with bottom, needle and upper roller feed, with AC Servo motor - complete machine

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1-needle automatic post-bed lockstitch machine for medium and heavy material with bottom roller feed, needle feed and active roll presser foot (roll on the left side of the needle). With energy-saving AC Servo motor. Serial equipped with automatic functions: electromagnetic thread trimmer, pneumatic foot lifter, reverse feeding with programmed size of the initial and final bartack, needle positioning, programming control panel and integrated 3-degree, energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field.

For sewing medium and heavy fabrics. Designed for sewing in hard to get places in production of sports and leather shoes, fancy leather goods etc.

Max. sewing speed 3.000 s.p.m., max. stitch length 4.5 mm, foot lifting up to 7 mm (hand lifter) or 10 mm (foot lifter), post height 17 cm, central lubrication.

Complete sewing machine with Kessler stand and table top.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Vlastnosti produktu

Počet jehel sloupového stroje: 1
Kit: set
Auomatická pozice jehly: ano
Automatický odstřih nitě: ano
Automatický zdvih patky: ano
Automatické zapošití: ano
Max. délka stehu: 4.5 mm
Výška zdvihu patky: 10 mm
Maximální rychlost šití: 3000 s.p.m.
System jehel: 135X5
Kit: complete set

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