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Šicí stroje z www.strima.com

It's in your power!
Give joy to ones in need and give yourself a unique Christmas ornament...

This year we do not organize a Christmas tree decoration competition. We promised the auction of the best competition works, and we do that. We invite you to participate in the Strima auction. At your disposal, we place 10 works, small works of art. See ...

How does it work?
• Christmas decorations come from last year's competition.
• The auction lasts until December 17, the last auction ends at 12:00.
• Any logged in strima.com user can participate in the auction.
• Whoever wins the auction sends funds to the charity organization of his choice.
• After making the payment, you send the confirmation of the transfer to: marketing@strima.com
• On this basis, we send you a Christmas tree decoration.

Unfortunately, we did not create these works
That's why the authors of the 3 highest-paid works will be rewarded with machines TEXI JOY 13 , and if the value of the auctioned work exceeds PLN 500, the prize for the author will be a machine TEXI BLACK & WHITE . Because we want to add something from our side!

Auction regulations

We invite you to bid


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